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Certified Human Resource Management Professional !!!
Certified Human Resource Management Professional !!!
Want to Master Human Resource Management In 2024 ??
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What you will master
CHRM Course Modules 2024 Updated
  • Module 1A: Human Resource Management
    · Organization

    · Organized Files

    · Multitasking

    · Dealing with Grey

    · Negotiation

    · Discrete and Ethical

    · Dual Focus

  • Module 1D: Recruitment and Selection
    · Identify Need & Develop Job Description

    · Recruitment and Planning

    · Sourcing and Advertisement

    · Assess and Interview Candidates

    · Selection & Offer of Employment

    · Onboarding for Success.

  • Module 1B: Introduction to UAE Labor Law
    · Definitions and General Ideas

    · Employment of Workers and Youth and Women Labor

    · Employment Contracts, Records and Wages

    · Working Hours and Leaves

    · Disciplinary Rules

    · Termination of Employment Contract and End of Service Gratuity

  • Module 1E: Effective Training, Development and Performance Management
    · Assess Training Needs

    · Set Organizational Training Objectives

    · Create Training Action Plan

    · Implement Training Objectives

    · Performance Planning

    · Performance Appraisal and Reviewing

    · Feedback on the Performance Followed by Personal Counselling.

    · Rewarding Good Performance, Performance Improvement Plans & Potential Appraisal

  • Module 1C: Human Resource Strategic Planning
    · Assessing the Current HR Capacity

    · Forecasting HR Requirements

    · Gap Analysis

    · Developing HR Strategies to support Organizational Strategies

  • Module 2A: Payroll & Benefits
    · Time Keeping and Payroll

    · Calculating Payroll, Payroll Deductions

    · Processing Payroll, Payroll Data

    · Bringing Performance Data and Payroll Data Together

    · Using Payroll Information for Budgeting

    · Fixed Pay, Variable Pay

    · Maternity Leaves, Sick Leaves, Paid Leaves

    · End of Service Benefits, Gratuity Calculation

  • Module 2D: Exit Interview and Human Resource Jargons
    · Ask Questions and Pay Close Attention in an Exit Interview

    · Understanding the Positive Aspects of the Employee

    · Create a Comfortable Environment.

    · Brief Introduction to Human Resource Jargons

  • Module 2B: Organization Communication and Conflict Management
    · Introduction to Organizational Communication and Conflict Management

    · Models of Intra- Organizational Conflict

    · Communication's Role in Managing Conflicts in Organizations

    · Organizational Diagnosis and Research

  • Module 2C: Employee Retention
    · Hire the Right People

    · Allot Responsibility Wisely

    · Accessible Work Environment,

    · Appreciate Good Work

    · Performance Appraisals

    · Work Life Balance

    · Appropriate Training

    · Cultivate Team Spirit

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Human Resources Management Statistics !!!
60% of job seekers quit the application
  • Some employment applications are very long and complex, and this fact can often discourage job seekers. More than half of them, precisely 60%, gave up the onboarding process because they've felt that the application is too hard and detailed.
75% of talent and hiring managers are using software.
  • It looks like most HR professionals have gone digital. The reason for this is simple – recruiting software eases the onboarding process and accessing data. That's why it isn't a surprise that three out of four HR staff members started using the software in their daily tasks.
70% of companies analyze employee data.
With the help of software development, most companies utilize data and the use of statistics in human resource management. This is a steady trend, and it looks like that in just a couple of years, every company will start using some kind of employee and recruiting software.

On the other hand, a lot of these companies are not ready yet for handling this private information and are dedicated to security measures to keep this data safe. The possible solution is artificial intelligence, but it's yet to be seen how it will be implemented.

73% of women doubt their feedback is confidential.
Here's a really interesting thing about women in the workforce. Namely, according to human resources statistics, about 73% of women don't believe that the info they provide to HR professionals will remain confidential and safe. On the other hand, only 53% of men feel this way.
70% of HR professionals value performance feedback.
While employees are not that happy to provide feedback, employed in HR are highly satisfied with the performance reviews they gather. Even 70% of them reported that these human resources stats and data are helping them in their process of employee evaluation.
$100k is the median salary for HR professionals.
All in all, during 2018, employed in HR were paid fairly since they received a median of $100k annually. This job position became very popular in the last years, and with the further development of workplace psychology, HR professionals will become even more needed.
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Human Resources Fun Facts
54% of companies don't have workplace romance rules.
  • Workplace romance is not a new thing, but most companies don't have a verbal or written policy that will address it (54% of them). This doesn't mean that romance is allowed in the workplace; it just means that the behavior is not a big issue.
58% of new hires will stay if there's a structured onboarding program
  • Recent onboarding statistics suggest that the majority of new employees (58%) will spend at least three years in the company if they've gone through a structured onboarding process. It looks like this type of program evokes positive feelings between the interviewee and the company. On the other hand, a detailed onboarding program prepares and informs employees about every detail on their job position and organizational structure. It can be concluded that people like when they are well instructed and acknowledged, which is positively affecting their loyalty.
25% want to do jobs they're best at.
When it comes to employee development statistics, it is clear that people (25% of them) will perform better and grow in a professional way if they're allowed to do what they do best.

This number is lower than expected, probably because most employees have high scores on agreeability, which can be seen as a positive trait by management, but is a characteristic that leads to burn out and demotivation at some point.

The ethnically-diverse workforce is 35% more engaged.
While gender-diverse companies have 15% better performance, other diversity and inclusion statistics suggest that the ethnically-diverse ones are even better. Namely, these teams are performing 35% better than those assembled of only one ethnicity.

It looks like diversity, both gender and ethnic, are positively affecting motivation, engagement, and loyalty among employees, and this is a clear sign that this practice should be widely accepted and advocated.
92% of managers think they're doing a great job.
Among numerous small business HR statistics, there's one that is pretty interesting. Almost every manager, 92 out of 100, feels like they're doing an excellent job managing subordinates. What makes this finding funny is the fact that only 67% of workers agree with that.
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